Wednesday, February 19, 2014


I am so honored to be an Ambassador for the greatest company in the world, NIKON!

They recently sent me the Nikon Coolpix P7800 to try out. (Thank you Nikon!)

The first thing I noticed about it was, how light it was and how great it felt in my hands. It’s compact/small and fits into my pocket or small section of my camera bag. Which is a HUGE plus as my bag is usually pretty full.   : )

It’s pretty easy to use and it has a beautiful Nikkor zoom lens - 28mm to 200 mm. It’s an F2 lens which is great in low light. 

Here are some other features I like about the camera:

The flip out LED screen – this is great when you are shooting something that is taller than you or when you want to shoot something low to the ground.  It allows you to see what you are shooting and still be in a comfortable shooting position.

Menu is easy to use

Image stabilization – It has VR image stabilization built in that minimizes the  effects of camera shakes.  Which really helps you to get sharp images.

Great to use for shooting video as well, Full HD 1080p videos! I like to use it for “B Roll” when shooting a short film or event.  I’ll put my main camera, Nikon D4 or D800 on a tripod and roam with the P7800.  It’s unobtrusive which is great for me as it helps me to not be noticed while filming in public spaces.

The P7800 is so light and compact, I can easily take it anywhere.   When I’m at home, it’s nice to have for those quick candid moments, especially since it’s great in low light!  Which comes in handy as some of my favorite subject matters to photograph are our dogs!

Great Image quality

I like that since it has a flip out LED screen, you can protect the screen by stowing it away when you are not using it.  

Camera Modes  - I don’t usually use scene modes, but there are several modes in this camera that are really fun to use.   Below are a couple photos I took illustrating them.


Selective Color - You can select a color you want to highlight and the rest of the photo is black and white.


Pet Portrait - one of my favorite subject matters is our rescue dog, Georgie!)

Landscape (be sure to try out the panorama feature too!)